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NFC: Fw: Tilapia Farming in Lake Nicaragua

Robert Rice
Save those Fishes
Join the Native Fish Conservancy

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Date: Mon, 19 Jun 2000 09:58:51 EDT
Subject: Tilapia Farming in Lake Nicaragua
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Hi Robert,

I was wondering if your organization offers fundraising field trips to
Neotropics. We operate two biological field stations one in Costa Rica
one in Nicaragua. Our organization would like to make our stations
for your groups. For more information please follow with our web site 
www.studyabroad.com/lasuerte we would also like to have a link in your
page to ours. The two stations offer several tropical biology courses in
Neotropics including a course in Tropical Herpetology. We are always
for teachers and educators to get involve.

At the moment there is a company from Norway trying to raise Tilapia in
Lake and from what I understand the Tilapia will eventually eliminate the

local fish Fauna. I was wondering if you know any one that if familiar
with the negative impacts of Tilapia farming in fresh water lakes.

Thanks in advance for your help

Best Regards,

Alvaro Molina
Ometepe Biological Field Station, Ometepe Island, Lake Nicaragua
La Suerte Biological Field Station, Cariari, Pococi, Limon, Costa Rica