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NFC: Fw: Action Network Success Stories!

Many environmental activists like you responded to email 
action alerts from Environmental Defense. Your messages have 
been heard and have had an impact. Here are the results of 
your actions:

* New Protections for Texas Shrimp, Fish, and Sea Turtles!

Just last May, email activists in Texas sent over 400 faxes 
to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department supporting new 
rules protecting shrimp, fish, and sea turtles in the waters 
off Texas. These new proposed rules would designate 
no-shrimping zones that protect the nesting and mating 
grounds of endangered sea turtles and shrimp spawning sites. 
The Parks and Wildlife Department has agreed to continue 
their "shrimp review initiative" and conduct public hearings 
over the summer.  Because of the overwhelming support from 
Action Network Activists in Texas and other environmental 
groups, the long term health of Texas marine life will be 

* Maheshwar Dam in India to be Re-Evaluated!

In April, more than 1,200 faxes were sent to the NY-based 
Ogden Corporation regarding the Maheshwar Dam in India by 
e-mail activists like you.  As a result, the company has 
sent a team to meet with communities affected by the dam.  
The German government is also conducting an independent 
review of the Maheshwar Dam to help it determine if it 
should provide financial backing for the German company 
Siemens to support the project.  Thanks to responses from 
Action Network Activists, the Ogden Corporation is now aware 
of the serious problems with the Maheshwar Dam

* Email Activists Help Save the Spiny Dogfish!

In March, the Secretary of Commerce and Northeastern members 
of congress received over 8,000 faxes from Action Network 
activists urging them to protect the spiny dogfish, a 
species of shark in the North Atlantic threatened by 
overfishing.  Your quick response had a big impact.  
Secretary of Commerce William Daley recently announced 
annual quotas and other management measures to discourage 
intentional fishing of the spiny dogfish.  Thanks to all the 
Action Network members who sent responses to help the spiny 
dogfish recover and flourish.

* Destructive Dam blocked in the Philippines!

In September of 1999, 1,500 email activists sent faxes to 
the Japanese Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC) 
asking it to withhold loans for construction of the San 
Roque Dam in the Philippines.  Environmentalists feared the 
project would displace local communities and destroy 
valuable watersheds. Faxes from activists like you have 
prompted the JBIC to drop its support for this dam and more 
fully scrutinize such destructive projects in the future. 

* House of Representatives votes to ban shark finning!

Thanks to all the Hawaiian activists who responded to our 
alert on banning shark finning.  Your persistence and 
dedication helped create political momentum to move this 
issue from the Hawaiian State legislature to Congress.  The 
House of Representatives voted to ban shark finning in U.S. 
waters, this includes all waters extending 200 miles from 
U.S. shorelines.  The bill is now waiting consideration in 
the Senate.

Thank you for your help!

Best regards,


Azur Moulaert
National Grassroots Director
Environmental Defense
257 Park Avenue South, 17th Floor
New York, NY, 10010

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