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NFC: Re: studfish

There should be an article on Northern studfish on the NFC site (I wrote it
about a year ago).

Dave Hall (Port Arthur, TX)

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> I'm a first time contributor to the message list but have browsed it for
> time now. I was hoping someone out there could help me out. Last week I
> up in the Arkansas Ozarks and captured a handful of very large (~7")
> catenatus in a small river by sight-fishing with an ultra-light rod and
> no less! Anyway, I have them back at home in a tank with some plants. They
> are going through the spawning procedures, since my water is slightly
> than what they were captured in. I have them feeding on dried Gammarus
> Wal-Mart but want to vary their diet. I need a thumbs up or thumbs down on
> grabbing a handful of critters from outside and serving them up to the
> studfish. The Dallas area is pretty dry this time of year, but I am hoping
> showers will drive red worms to the surface. Since I caught the guys on
> 'crawlers, they should be fine, right? Would washing them first help? Any
> other hints on northern studfish procreation are greatly appreciated!
> Matt Berg