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NFC: Re: studfish

Hi Matt... So Dallas hasnt had enough rain huh ? Hmmm.... Ft. Worth area
lakes are topping out...  LOL       Back to the Live Foods question...  Try
getting some Red Wigglers and cutting them up for your Catenatus... They
might ignore them if not moving but after they get a taste for them they
will start eating them as soon as you drop them in the tank... All my
Sunnies go crazy when fed them and the bait shop sells them reasonbly
priced.. The worms arent good as a basic diet but with a variety of other
stuff, your studfish should do fine... HTH...
Charles A.
Ft.Worth, Tex.
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> I'm a first time contributor to the message list but have browsed it for
> time now. I was hoping someone out there could help me out. Last week I
> up in the Arkansas Ozarks and captured a handful of very large (~7")
> catenatus in a small river by sight-fishing with an ultra-light rod and
> no less! Anyway, I have them back at home in a tank with some plants. They
> are going through the spawning procedures, since my water is slightly
> than what they were captured in. I have them feeding on dried Gammarus
> Wal-Mart but want to vary their diet. I need a thumbs up or thumbs down on
> grabbing a handful of critters from outside and serving them up to the
> studfish. The Dallas area is pretty dry this time of year, but I am hoping
> showers will drive red worms to the surface. Since I caught the guys on
> 'crawlers, they should be fine, right? Would washing them first help? Any
> other hints on northern studfish procreation are greatly appreciated!
> Matt Berg