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NFC: Tetra Garden Pond - Above Ground Installation

      Hey folks, first week of July we will be moving into a new home w/
a 2 car garage that will eventually become the fishroom following some
painting, plumbing, and electrical renovations. Racks of tanks against
the outside walls and a pair of 500 gallon ponds in the center!!!! I've
enclosed the pond plans, but was hoping for some structural advise from
our resident engineers. Such as another steel rod midway on the 8 foot
sides, 1/2 rather than 1/4 " plywood, along w/ any other thoughts. I'l
be using a double liner, first of heavy rolled rubber roofing, then of a
commercial fish safe pond liner. Substrate will be a coarse industrial
sand   about 4" deep. Occupants will be native US species of sunfish,
small catfish, turtles, crayfish, pickerel, and possibly eels. Anxiously
awaiting thoughts & suggestions    Joe    LMD