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NFC: Re: nfc convention

	I agree with Dwight. It will take time for the planning of the
convention and for people to get used to the idea and plan for it.

	Perhaps we should have the convention coincide with a holiday
(Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, etc.). People can use the holiday as
an excuse to participate and have a vacation with family at the same time.
I know that I find it difficult to take time away during a normal working
period. But, if time is take off around a holiday, it is kind of expected.


On Mon, 12 Jun 2000, Dwight D. Moody wrote:
> I think a convention in that area would be fine, but it 
> should be scheduled for sometime in the spring of next 
> year. We need a year to get arrangements secured, issue 
> press packets (free admission, press badge, schedule, 
> NFC contact list, etc.) so we can get a whole bunch of 
> free advertising via news reports on TV, newspaper 
> articles on NFC, etc..  The other thing that comes to mind 
> is to set up a series of field trips, preferably under a set of 
> scientific collection permits issued to the NFC, for the 
> surrounding states/areas.  This way, no one will have to 
> buy an out-of-state license in order to collect and we will 
> have an NFC trip leader with each group ensuring that the 
> participants follow the requirements of the SCP.
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