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RE: NFC: Unidentified Pupfish

Bill -

I know that fundulus zebrinus have been introduced into the little colorado
river in northern Az so it's possible.  I've only ever kept 1 specimen of
fundulus zebrinus (know in NM and TX as 'zebraminnows') and it had no blue,
just shaeds of brown.  I've seen pictures with green stripes instead of
brown, but never blue.  Take that FWIW.  The NFC site has a nice picture of
fundulus zebrinus.


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<< John-
 I'm responding to you AND the NFC list-

 rangewise, there are no pupfish in Utah natively.  Of course, they could
 have been introduced from anywhere.

 I really know of no pupfish (like I'm an expert) that has BOTH genders blue
 with stripes.  Usually, it's the males that show the color.  Perhaps you
 could do what Robert Rice suggests- send a digital picture to me and I'll
 post it for review.

 Geoff Kimber
 I am wondering, since there are no native pupfish in Utah and I agree that
that coloration for both sexes are unusually to say the least, could these
possible be small Fundulus zebrinus?

Bill Duzen