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NFC: Unidentified Pupfish

The following message was sent to the AATP email address. Can anybody help
this guy out?

"John Harris, Aesthetics" <john at getaesthetics_com> wrote:
Dear nativefish.org,

I have found some unusual pupfish in warm springs ponds just north of Salt
Lake City, Utah.
I have searched through just about every article on the web regarding
pupfish and have not come across any in Utah or any that look similar to
these.  I was wondering if perhaps these may not be known or that I have a
great imagination?  I have captured about 30 fish and have them in one of my
Hot Ponds away from the Koi, and think they are quite beautiful:  Bluish
color with black stripes.
If you have any interest or information regarding them please feel free to
contact me.

Best Regards,

John Harris
P.O. Box 510912
Salt Lake City, UT 84151
Tel:  801-359-3541

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