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NFC: FWL: 1 June, 2000

Please note the changes to the start of this message.  Reminder: ALL ads
not renewed with notice to format WILL be removed.  Period. 

                                         NATIVE FISH WISH LIST: June 2000

  If you want your ad to be added or deleted from the Fish Wish List send
a message to FWL Manager or join the Fish Wish List at FWL at actwin_com by
sending a note to mailto:Majordomo at actwin_com with the following message
in the  body, without quotes or punctuation: "subscribe FWL". Members of
the Native Fish Conservancy may list for free.
   Nonmembers are required to pay a 3$ per listing fee. This may be paid
by credit card on the NFC site. For non-credit  card payment, contact FWL
Manager. All listings remain on the list for a total of two months and are
then removed unless  renewed. Listings must be in the following format:
  Name of person listing:
  E-mail Address or other contact info.
  Desired Species:
  Species have/can get, prefferably with details:
  Notes may include information such as whether you will trade or only
take cash payment, or the like.
  All ads subject to editing at FWL Manager's discretion. These changes
become effective in the next scheduled posting of  the FWL, scheduled as 1
June, 2000.   The next posting of this message will _NOT_ include any
unrenewed ads. 

  This list is provided a service to interested parties and emails lists.
We will accept NO responsibility for bad trades or  illegal actions as a
result of contact made from this list. It is created as a service to
members of The Native Fish  Conservancy. Traders who fail to complete a
negotiated trade will be removed from the list. All parties will act in
good  faith and follow applicable laws. All ads subject to rejection or
removal at administrative discretion. This list is affiliated with  the
NFC Breeders' Program and may be reposted in its intirety without
permission. For more information on the NFC  Breeders' Program and the
NFC, visit the NFC HomePage. Check out the huge photo gallery for photos
of some of the  fish offered.

  Robert Rice-Email Lepomis3 at email_msn.com JOIN A GAINESVILLE FLORIDA

  John Brill- 61 Brookside Ave. Livingstone, NJ 07039 HAS FOR TRADE:
Enneacanthus chaetodon , E.gloriosus,  E.obesus, Umbra pygmaea ,
Aphredoderus sayanus (Pirate Perch very rare in NJ) , Etheostoma
fusiforme, Fundulus  heteroclitus, Cyprinidon variegatus ovinus , Lucania
parva, Syngnathus fuscus, Mendina beryllina and many other Atlantic
coastal plain and estuarine species. WANTS: Lota lota , Archoplites
interrupts, Hiodon spp. , Aplodinotus cycleptus,  Ictiobus and other
sucker species, or anything else I haven't had before. Write or call
first; all correspondence answered.
   Some recent bad experiences with deadbeat traders. Only interested in
hearing from people who are serious about trading  and willing to

  Tim Wolfe -2911 Belle Aire Blvd. Theodore, AL 36582 Phone #: (334)
973-2524. HAS FOR TRADE: Flagfin shiners,  sailfin shiners, Elassoma
species, many others. ALSO HAS: tropicals including angels, guppies ,
Corydoras catfish for  trade. WANTS : Various darters and Carolina shiners
for breeding program.

  Ray Katula - Missifishppi Aquatics, Box 58, Genoa, WI 54632. (608)
689-2726 email: missfish_aqua at hotmail_com   Has  for sale/trade: 3 bucks a
piece plus shipping.Species List: Flame chubs, Variegated darters, Phalen
Lake Rainbow darters,  Squamosum Orangethroat darters,Red shiners,
Highline Carpsuckers, Spotted Suckers,Flame Chubs, Southern Redbelly
Dace, Redside Dace

  Bruce Scott 520 E. Lake Hazel Rd., Meridian, ID 83642 Email:
br0630 at aol_com HAS FOR SALE OR TRADE: H.  Formosa, [tadpole madtoms (N.
gyrinus), some less than 1" long, and dwarf crayfish (C. shufeldtii); can
get small  pumpkinseed sunfish, yellow perch, white crappie at certain
times of the year. WANTS: margined matoms (N. insignis),  orangefin
madtoms (gilberti), least madtoms (N. hildebrandi), Neosho midget crayfish
(O. macrus), any pygmy sunfish  (Elassoma)and any or all kinds of
crayfish. Please write or e-mail me on shipping crayfish as I have a
pretty surefire way of  doing it with minimal losses.

  Ron Romigh 604 Allen Avenue, Monaca, PA 15061-1606. Phone #: (412)
775-6112. Email: rromigh at ccia_com .  WANTS TO BUY: Lucania goodei, F.
Zebrinus ,colorful breedable darters, E. evergladi, E. okeefenokee,
E.boelkei , E.  okatie, E.spring , Ennecanthus obesus, E.chaetodon ,
Lepomis marginatus, L. humilus and L. symmetricus.

  Andrew Borgia, P.O Box 4346, Key West, FL 33041 Phone # (305) 294-8739.
Email noturus2 at aol_com HAS FOR  TRADE: A great variety of marine specimens
and inverts for trade, also has some Key West herps for trade.
WANTS:Interested in a great variety of North American species for a
private preserved collection

  DWIGHT D. MOODY P.O. Box 214, East Montpelier, VT 05651 Phone #: home -
(802)476-0685; work  (802)241-3482. Email dwightmoody at hotmail_com HAS:
Hetandria Formosa for sale or trade. ALSO HAS OR CAN  GET: a wide variety
of Vermont species between mid-April and the end of November, including
Fundulus diaphanous,  northern Redbelly dace , slimy sculpins
,trout-perch, burbot, various minnows, catfish, shiners, etc.

  John Laurent, P.O. Box 1018, Bartow, FL 33831Email:
jfranklaurent at msn_com WANTS: I am interested in buying and  Rearing
information on the Following species: Blue nose shiners, red shiners,pygmy
Sunfish, flagfin & sailfin shiners, blue  spotted sunfish, Orange spotted
sunfish, and rainbow darters. HAS: For Commercial sale Shovelnose sturgeon
, Florida  gar others . CHECK OUT MY WEBSITE

  Ray Suydam - email : raysuy at webtv_net , Long Island NY Wants :Colorful
Daces- Minnows-Plants. Has for trade asst.  exotic killifish custom
spawning mops- shipping boxes. Serious replies only.

  Bruce Bernard: Email : bruce_bernard at yahoo_com WANTED: Olympic
Mudminnows. Buy or trade for killies, native or  exotic. 

  Jeremy Carroll- email: eagle at on-net_net : Wants to buy: flathead catfish
fry, channel catfish fry, blue catfish fry, ANY  MADTOMS ! I love catfish,
looking to share with others with similar interests. Also any info people
have on the Iridescent  Shark (pangasius suchi).

  Ron Brooks email- orchid at kellnet_com , Want to buy : Java Moss ,
Notropis Chrosomus - Rainbow Shiner, Elassoma  Boehlke - Carolina Pygmy
Sunfish Etheostoma Acuticeps - Sharphead Darter, Etheostoma Caeruleum -
Rainbow Darter

  Chris AKA - Skiwee10 at aol_com writes: I have/can get the following native
species and they are sold at reasonable  prices. Bluegill ,Juvenile
Largemouth Bass- 1 -2 inch range specimens seasonally available, 6 inches
or more available year  round .Yellow bullheads/ Black bullheads Channel
Catfish above 8 inches , Green Sunfish, Softshell turtle juvenile
specimens ,Green turtle juvenile specimens ,Crawdads year round and very
cheap! Green frogs/bullfrogs year round  contact me if you have any
specific species you are wanting to buy by emailing me at Skiwee10 at aol_com
, chances are I
  may be able to get it for you.Wanted- Channel, White, Bullhead (any
species), Flathead, or Blue catfish juveniles in the 1  to 3 inch range,
if you can get any or all of these email me for trade or buying info.

  Imraan Seedat e-mail: iseedat at bigfoot_com -Please add my request for
Lepomis megalotis sent to South Africa.

Joshua L. Wiegert
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