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Re: NFC: Re: Umbrella Net

Hey Russel.

I think I get the gist of it at this point -- and its completely
opposite of what I was trying to do! :)



Russell_McGraw at palmercay_com wrote:
> joshua - perhaps i should have said that the legs of the umbrella net form
> a frame that sits above the net, each leg bending down to a corner of the
> mesh and the center conecting piece of the legs is a foot or so above the
> mesh, held there by the tension of each leg attached to the mesh.  when
> beginning to assemble the net, if the legs sort of dangle limply down, try
> turning the legs and their connecting piece over (upside down?) and then
> the legs should stick straight out before being attached to the mesh.  it
> can take a little force to make that fourth leg attach to the mesh. simple
> once you've done it but not easily described in text format....
> Russell

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