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RE: NFC: RE: Re: Umbrella Net

yup< address below.

Been here since we ran out of money 1983 sailing from North Carolina to
Texas.  Never made it... Here was too nice :)

Started collecting tropical marines in 1986, started business in 1988, went
to bioassay organisms in 1990.


Sachs Systems Aquaculture
and Web Presence
1185 Thompson Bailey Rd
St. Augustine, Florida  32095
(904) 824 - 6308
Email: deano at leading_net
Web Page:  www.aquaculturestore.com
Native Fish Conservancy:

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most of the ones i have are about 3 X 3 and the largest is about 5 X 5
on a couple, i replaced the original mesh with nylon window screening and
those will catch almost anything in the water (but tough to retrieve in the

paul, you are in st. augustine?