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Re: NFC: Re: Umbrella Ne

joshua - the umbrella nets i'm familiar with have a "disk" that those four
rods go into to form the top/center of the net.  the rods are then bent
downward to attach to each corner of the net.  that puts pressure on the
net to lay out flat when you lower it.  those "eyes" you speak of are
probably made to attach to the corners of the net.
i've found it extremely useful to put several ounces of weight in the
center of the net to form a "basket" when the net is picked up.  most
critters either try to dive down or horizontally to escape and the dip
formed in the net by the weight at least slows them down some.
sometimes it's best to very, very slowly lift the net from the bottom until
the edges break the water and then haul it up rapidly.  with some critters,
it's best to go for broke when you start to lift it.

Russell McGraw