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> Subject: umbrella net and small request to Paul
> About umbrella net: Last year when I went collecting in
> Missouri with Luke it was the only gear that yielded a good
> number of bleeding shiners and topminnows.  Especially the
> stream that we collected the bleeding shiner has pretty fast
> current that hindered the use of seine and somehow due to
> the lack of time the shiner did not enter the trap.  I
> located where the shiners hung out, lied down the net, and
> waited for the shiners to [eventually] swam over the net.
> It is easy as long as you can see the school of them.  You
> may attach a mesh bag in the middle of the net and put the
> bait in to lure the fish.  With partner one can chase the
> fish to the waiting net.  Attaching the net to the pole will
> allow easy pull up.
> To Paul:  may you post a pic of breeding male Cyprinella
> leedsi on the media page?  I had read about the bannerfin
> shiner in many books and papers but the description of
> breeding color seemed conflicting.

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