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NFC: Re: H.R. 2317, to Designate the Lower Delaware River as a Wild and Scenic River

Dear Friend,
I just contacted key policy makers about the important issue below by using the Action Network (http://actionnetwork.org/).  I'm passing it along to you so that you can sign up as an activist with American Rivers Online, and voice your opinion to decision makers on key issues.

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Take Action to Protect the Delaware River!

Take Action to Protect the Delaware River!
The longest free-flowing river in the East -- the Delaware 
River -- could become one of the longest designated wild 
and scenic rivers. The Senate already passed legislation to 
designate a 65.6-mile section of the river, but the House 
has yet to schedule subcommittee hearings. Please write Jim 
Hansen, Chairman of the Subcommittee, and Don Young, 
Chairman of the Committee, and let them know the importance 
of scheduling hearings now in order to ensure this 
important legislation passes before the end of the 106th 

If you would prefer to snail mail or fax the letter, here 
is the contact information:

Rep. Jim Hansen (UT-01), Chairman, House Subcommittee on 
National Parks and Public Lands, 140 Cannon House Office 
Building, Washington, D.C. 20515-6207, fax (202) 226-2301
Rep. Don Young (AK-At Large), Chairman, House Committee on 
Resources, 1324 Longworth House Office Building, 
Washington, D.C. 20515-6201, fax (202) 225-5929

Background Information:
In 1978, Congress included two sections of the Upper 
Delaware in the National Wild and Scenic River System, 
protecting 110 river miles of outstanding recreational and 
natural resources in the region. The designation of the 
lower Delaware would add 65.6 miles to the system, an 
important step towards the overall health of the Delaware 
River, which supports one of the most heavily populated and 
industrialized corridors in our nation. Proper management 
of the Delaware is essential to protect water resources, 
and to allow enjoyment of this national treasure’s beauty 
and history for generations to come. Communities along the 
proposed designated section of the lower Delaware River 
have voiced strong support for wild and scenic river