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NFC: RE: Sorry forgot to change the title of this thing ;) - Intel Pics...


I added a few more files:  The CL pics/vids are Cyprinella leedsi eggs,
there is one of adult brine shrimp at 60X

I took these pics yesterday and two days ago.  Converted some to real video
format (.rm endings.)

What's kewl is the vids show the 1 day old egg moving, and two day old...
has red blood and heart beat visible.  Really nice .

The egg shots of "detritus" title show non-viable eggs which have gathered
detritus along their shells.  The egg mass is smaller and noticeably away
from the outer shell.

 bsadult.rm              18-May-2000 08:15    28k
 bsadults.avi            17-May-2000 08:37   694k
 cd.avi                  17-May-2000 08:39   261k
 cl.avi                  17-May-2000 08:43   354k
 cl.jpg                  17-May-2000 08:43    39k
 cl1.avi                 17-May-2000 08:46   463k
 cl10x.jpg               18-May-2000 08:17    42k
 cl1day60x4.jpg          18-May-2000 08:17    32k
 cl1dayold Vid.avi       18-May-2000 08:18   210k
 cl1dayold.rm            18-May-2000 08:15    21k
 cl1dayold2.avi          18-May-2000 08:20   256k
 cl1dayold2.rm           18-May-2000 08:15    30k
 cl1dayold60x.jpg        18-May-2000 08:20    33k
 cl2dayold.rm            18-May-2000 08:15    47k
 cl_real.rm              17-May-2000 09:22    45k
 cldetritus200x.jpg      18-May-2000 08:20    31k
 cldetritus200x1.jpg     18-May-2000 08:21    31k
 cldetritus60x2.jpg      18-May-2000 08:21    35k
 cldetrituseggs.jpg      18-May-2000 08:21    38k
 cltwoday.avi            18-May-2000 08:25   446k

I think the Intel play microscope is pretty nifty :)

Like I said it has a noisy interface, but it does the job fairly well.



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