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NFC: Sorry forgot to change the title of this thing ;) - Intel Pics...


Should get you the directory if you want to check em out (I was impressed
enough to post em here.. what a tool)

BTW this is pre-release (I've not linked them to my site yet.)

Also, forgot, the Ceriodaphnia vid is a bit lame... but it shows good
definition when it does "see one"  he he.

 bsadults.avi            17-May-2000 08:37   694k
 cd.avi                  17-May-2000 08:39   261k <-- lame
 cl.avi                  17-May-2000 08:43   354k
 cl.jpg                  17-May-2000 08:43    39k
 cl1.avi                 17-May-2000 08:46   463k
 cl_real.rm              17-May-2000 09:22    45k

I didn't do any video modification either, some of it is rather "big"


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I loaded up  some pics from the 'intel play' Microscope
- connects USB port and goes into the machine with an interface that's
noisey, but worthy :)
check out the directory,
the CL are cyprinella leedsi eggs, and one long brine shrimp video.

This camera takes movies or singles up close fairly well.



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