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NFC: Save Roadless Areas From Destruction - DEIS Comment

Dear Friend,
I just contacted key policy makers about the important issue below by using the Action Network (http://actionnetwork.org/).  I'm passing it along to you so that you can sign up as an activist with Heritage Forests, and voice your opinion to decision makers on key issues.

Sign up to receive alerts like this one from Heritage Forests at:
Saved or Destroyed? You Decide.

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this email with only the word REMOVE as the SUBJECT line.  
All other responses will automatically send a message to 
the Forest Service and the President.)

The fate of our forests is up for grabs.

Simply REPLY to this message now to let President Clinton 
and the US Forest Service know that you want our forests 
protected for the future.  

Did you hear the news? This week, the US Forest Service 
released a plan to protect 60 million acres of pristine 
National Forests.  Sadly, instead of saving our wild 
forests, the Forest Service’s plan will continue to allow 
logging and other damaging activities in these wild lands, 
and exempts the Tongass National Forest in Alaska, 
America’s largest National Forest, from any protection.  

Last fall, President Clinton promised us a plan that would 
save our remaining wild forests for future generations. 
This is not that plan.  Millions of acres of ancient and 
untouched forests will be lost – unless we act now to get 
the Forest Service back on track.

Please let the President and the Forest Service know today 
that you want our unprotected wild forests saved for the 

Just reply to this email, and the letter below will 
automatically be sent to the Forest Service and President 

With the support of citizens like you, hundreds of 
conservation, religious and recreation groups, and the 
majority of the American public, we believe that President 
Clinton will keep his commitment to leaving a lasting 
legacy of wild forests.  

Yet, powerful timber and mining companies are fighting hard 
to fill the plan with enough loopholes to drive a logging 
truck through!  In the next two months we will send you 
more frequent news and let you know of more ways you can 
help the campaign.

Thank you! Together, we can save America’s wild forests.

For the Forests, For the Future,

Amy Luckey
Heritage Forests Campaign
aluckey at emediacy_org

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