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NFC: FWL Procedure Changes

I've made the following changes to the FWL, to be updated as soon as I get
to a machine that can FTP. :)  (Probably later this week, when my machine
comes online. :)

1:  After two months, ads will be removed.  
  This will cut down on dead ads on it, and people will be forced to
update them.  Plus, if they're no longer interested in trading, they just
don't renew the ad.  

2:  Only NFC Members will have free access to the FWL.  Everyone else will
pay 3$ per posting.  (18$ per year, but must inform each cycle that they
want to renew it.)  This fee is subject to go up or downas the NFC sees

3:  The FWL mailing list is going to be used a lot more.  Its a good
resource, and I'd really like to use it a bit more, rather than remove it.
I'm not qute sure how I'm going to implement this yet...  SOme of the
ideas I have is to require listers to subscribe to it and solicit replies
there.  Perhaps simply only sending it out there by e-mail, as well... I
don't know if the changes in usage would be worth this, though.  ANy ideas
out there?

Beyond these, I'm open to any suggestions any one out there may have.

Joshua L. Wiegert
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