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Fw: Re: NFC: Fw: Black catfish with silver spots

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From: fishmanbruce at webtv_net (Bruce Schreiber)
To: robertrice at juno_com (robert a rice)
Date: Mon, 15 May 2000 19:41:53 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: Re: NFC: Fw: Black catfish with silver spots
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No I don't think so I've had both for 4 years and the channel cats have
forked tails with silver bodies and a few black spots and the channels
do clearly get much larger than these spotted bullhead types.  Also the
channels are not that aggressive  to other cats where these  will soon
kill a channel many times it's size in a large tank!
The wholesaler had the wrong name
  On the front of one of your past membership booklets that you sent
out.  There are bullhead type fish that look just like these, spots and
all.  It's just that I'm not a member and I was only able to see the
face on this booklet on-line.  There's another fish that I used to have
that I'm interested in, that sold as a rainbow shiner.  The fish was
beautiful and full of energy, never seemed to stop.  I'd sure like to
get a hold of some of those to breed too, and like every other fish I
have, keep until they die of old age.  Hopefully you can send me in the
right direction.  Oh, and I will join the society as I have always been
interested in natives.  The first fish I kept were bluegills and
bullheads.  Well over 30 years ago.  Is there any local members of your
organization that I can get in touch with in Southeastern Wisconsin?
Thanks for the help if you can.   By for now.