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NFC: breeders club changes...

Native Fish Conservancy


After 2 plus years of growing and changing and revaluating what we are
doing. The Breeders Club is getting a needed makeover. We do not have the
time or the resources to supply nativefish to the casual hobbyist. That
role is better taken by the Fish Wish List. An electronic format that
allows anyone to buy/sell/trade native fishes. If you'd like to see the
fish wish list just follow this link fishwishlist. Still not finding what
your looking for perhaps the Jurrasic Fishes commercial site will have
what you are looking for check them out at WWW.JURRASSICFISHES.COM  .
Missifishippi Aquatics also sells a large variety of Native Fishes for
the home hobbyist particuarly darters and shiners . Reach them at
missfish_aqua at hotmail_com  

We need serious breeders who believe in conservation and want a new
challenge. So there will be some changes. No longer will every breeders
club member be sent free fish as part of their membership. Instead will
will concentrate on the serious breeder. Not that we dislike the novice
but we just do not feel it is in the best interest of our efforts to send
out box after box of begginer fish to novice aquarist. Never to be heard
from again.

Every 6 months the Breeders Club administration team will put up a list
of avaliable species. To get any of the fish we are working with you will
need to apply to the Breeders Club administrator at
dakota at star-telegram_com .Breeders chosen will be given access to
avaliable fish. Those not chosen will be encouraged to try less
challenging species. As unique species become avaliable due to the
efforts of NFC collectors.We the BC administration team will assign
points to each species and give out awards at the end of each six months
to the folks with the highest points. This program will give back 100% of
the profits to it's participants in prizes and equipment. Everyone wins ,
the fish get written life histories (part of earning your points), we get
legal cool fish to keep in our tanks and the NFC gets to help
conservation by increasing the life history database avaliable to the
public. All life history data will be put on the NFC website and made
avaliable to anyone interested. So to recieve fish in the future you will
have to apply and be approved and be a member.Of course current members
will incur no additional dues.

Look for our species list in the near future.


Email for dakota at star-telegram_com for more information.