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Fw: Re: NFC: Fw: Black catfish with silver spots

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From: fishmanbruce at webtv_net (Bruce Schreiber)
To: Ty_Hall at eFunds_Com, Robertrice at juno_com
Date: Mon, 15 May 2000 14:23:56 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: Re: NFC: Fw: Black catfish with silver spots
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Hi GUYS I was abel to get one of the black bullheads with  silver spots
from A local pet shop fish wholesaler  and I am thinking of buying his
operation later in the year.Anyhow
it is A native .He called it Ictideas  puntatus.
But its not a channel cat I am sure of that .This cat is black with a
white belly, its silver speckled over the black body with a squared off
tail, the dorsal tip is white and two of them killed a channel cat 3
times there size in 12hrs. by skinning the channels back bare to the
flesh with their pectoral fins .  They seem to have a low tolerance for
other catfish types the wholesaler 
said the one I got from him killed a lot of pictus cats so he was happy
to sell it   
He said they come from  the deep south down in to central America.

It must be just A dam  good looking bullhead Specie ??   And now how to
breed them??

As for the Milwaukee Aquarium Society .  I Highly recommend it   their
next meeting is  this friday the  19th of may at 7:pm at St.Peter
Immanuel Lutheran Church in Milwaukee
   WEB SITE  www.comexecpc.com/`rev
  With a  June 3rd fish collecting trip-Mukwonago River    At 12 :00

I take silver spring to 76th.  north on 76th to Acacia  you can see the
church on your left across the lot .The door is in the back .the
meetings in the basement