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Re: NFC: Adopt A Tanks need updates


You sent me Dollar Sunnies,  Black banded sunnies, and H. formosa. They were
set up as AATP and breeders program tanks. The Sunnies while growing slowly
have appeared to get into spawning displays. the biggest fish dug apit and
defended it . All other fish were exclude from the end of the tank he staked
out. I did not see any eggs, egglaying behavior, or spawning displays. The
dominate fish dug a pit, defended it and ate the majority of the food
available even when the  feeding place was moved to eliminate staking out a
feeding area.He is approx. 2" total lengeth at this time. Feeding was black
worms, brine shrimp, flake, and assorted fry of other species. They were in a
heavily planted tank with low light. This lead to plant die off and algea
blooms, the plant reflected a ditch biotope. The Black banded sunfish had the
same type of tank, their growth was very slow. Both set of fish were in 20
gallon longs. Niether have spawned, The tanks are at room temp which may be
tooo warm , not giving the chill period necessary for egg developemen. A home
made chiller is in the works to solve this. The formosa tank was a over grown
ten gallon with lots of java moss and assorted floating plants.
Unfortunately, a spawning mop from a killie tank of  F.dispar  has given a
chance for two dispar fry to grow. The tank was so haeavy they were not
noticed until most of the  formosa fry disappeared. They have been removed
and hopefully the formosa will provide new fry to continue the tank. There
are no males in the tank, only eight females, now a bit ragged. All the
observed fry are missing--eaten almost for sure. The tanks were set up at
Adams elementary and at my home. When school ends they will come home and
return for the next school year. A tank in the office and two tanks in the
science class room, are the school set up. they are not all native. The
school has been notified about my interest in explaining aquatic enviroments
and well as model rocketry, but due to Michigan state testing (MEAP), the
teacher is reluctant expand the curiculum to allow either interest. A section
on water quality is being discussed.
    Robert, I'm interested in assisting in the breeders program or the AATP,
or even in doing the fish list let me know. I've volunteered before. Okay?
Thanks and good luck.


robert a rice wrote:

> would all of you doing adopt a tanks please sned me your emails and basic
> info like 2 tanks ay XYZ school
> Robert Rice
> Save those Fishes
> Join the Native Fish Conservancy
> http://www.nativefish.org