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NFC: Me and Plants

Hey Everyone,
Wright, Charles, and Sajjad, I'm shipping your plants in just a few
moments.  I put the newts in a bunch of nitellia in a soda bottle in
yours, Charles.  I hope. :)  Knowing me, Sajjad will get them, but .. what
the heck. :)

My mail service (dune.net) just changed IPS... unfortunately, the people
who direct e-mail haven't gotten around to making that change yet..... So,
although my OGM works great, I'm not able to receive.  

If anyone needs to send me an e-mail thats relatively important, please
send it to Aquintard1 at cs_com.  I'll get it there.  Please, though, mkae
sure its important.  If it can wait a few days until the change is made
(I'm hoping Wed., at the outside) send it then.

Lastly, I'll keep up with the lists by browsing the FTP site.  There is no
escape from me. :)


Joshua L. Wiegert
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