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Re: NFC: Breeders program needs some help

Therein lies my point. I feel the goals of the Breeder's Program are too
vague. What is the need for the Life Histories? Are they to be published?
What use do we see these documents serving? Are we striving for some grand
contribution, like the reintroduction of endangered species through captive
breeding or are we just looking to breed fish for aquarium use? I feel that
in order for the Breeder's Program to really take off you need (someone) to
set forth clear and definable goals. Without them, you are going to
continue to have the situation you are currently experiencing. People
function better when they have a clear (tangible) goal in mind.

I am sorry that I cannot take up this task. I joined the Breeder's Program
specifically for the aforementioned Pickerels. I have no real desire to
breed fish, but I do find these fish particularly fascinating. If I ever
get a breeding pair, I will be happy to share both my findings and any
offspring with other member's.

Again, just my two cents worth. Good luck, the Breeder's Program could be a
very useful tool. I hope one of our members has the time and dedication to
under take the task of managing it.


The  goal of the breeders program is to be financially self supporting
and to produce life histories.

Robert Rice
Save those Fishes
Join the Native Fish Conservancy