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        John Foss


A Three-day discussion of Sustainable Fisheries and the Environment.
May 4-6, 2000
Broadway Performance Hall
Seattle Central Community College
corner of Broadway and Pine streets
Seattle, USA
Free and Open to the Public

                         Thur. May 4th, 10am. – 2pm.

The Fourth Annual "WAR ON WILD SALMON" Symposium


Kathy Fletcher,  Executive Director, People for Puget Sound
"Where the Rivers Meet the Sea"   10 a.m.

Jerry Gorsline, Olympic Peninsula Field Representative,
Washington Environmental Council
"Effects of Clearcut Logging on Riparian Habitat"   11 a.m.

John Volpe, Ph.D. candidate, University of Victoria, Victoria B.C.
"Invasion Biology of Atlantic Salmon"  12 a.m.

Pete Knutson, Ph.D., Professor, Seattle Central Community College
"Assault on Wild Salmon: Politics, Economy and Communities"  1p.m.

John Foss, Executive Director, Sustainable Fisheries Alliance
"Frankensalmon are Coming"

Sponsored by:  Seattle Central Community College Global Education Design
Team,  Green Action!,   Fish For All.
Immediately following the program, attendees are invited to gather at
Bill's Off Broadway Pizza,
for lunch and further discussion. 725 E. Pine St.

                        Fri. May 5th,   9am.- 11:30 p.m.

Sustainable Fisheries and Habitat

A discussion of selective fishing practices, habitat protection and
restoration, ecological preserves and marine protected areas (MPA’s).

Mike Sato,  North Sound Director, People for Puget Sound
-The plight of our Puget Sound marine resources
-Paradigm shift: Species vs. Habitat
-Marine Protected Areas and Reserves
-Some good and less-than-good Local examples
-Why is this approach so challenging?

Chuck Nafziger, Golden Gardens to Carkeek Marine Study Group, will
discuss establishing a
Marine Protected Area within the City of Seattle.

Kate Cissna, Crab Fresh/Best Fish Co. Seattle, will discuss
avoiding bycatch in local Dungeness Crab and Spot Prawn fisheries.

Aaron Tinker, Living Oceans Society, British Columbia
"Working with First Nations and Commercial Fishing groups to establish
locally-supported Marine
Protected Areas"

Following this short program, to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, there will be
a Flamenco Guitar
performance. After the music, you are invited to join us at Elysian
Brewery for lunch and further
discussion throughout the afternoon. 1221 E. Pike St. ( corner of 13th
and Pike).

                          Sat. May 6th, 10am.- 2pm.

Marketing and Labeling the Wild

A discussion of concern to Consumers, Small Family Fishers, Retailers,
and Chefs concerning
wild, sustainable, and organic marketing initiatives for aquatic

Susan Boa of SeaWeb, originators of the “Give Swordfish a Break”
campaign, will give a presentation on consumer and Chef boycotts.

Jim Humphries,  North American Director of  The Marine Stewardship
Council, will present information on consumer labeling initiatives.

Scott Ulery, Wildfish of Juneau, Alaska, will discuss small
producers efforts to market and label their own catches.

Seth Zuckerman, Ecotrust Circuit Rider, will discuss the Smartwood
initiative, and the lessons that
can be applied to seafood labeling.

Brendan Mahaffey and Kate Cissna, Crab Fresh/Best Fish Co. Seattle,
Isabel de la Torre, Industrial Shrimp Action Network, and
Dave Batker, Asia-Pacific Environmental Exchange, will discuss
Developing an Eco-Label for Sustainable Fisheries.

John Foss, Executive Director, Sustainable Fisheries Alliance, will give
an update on the organic
labeling efforts of seafood throughout the world.

Session ends at 2 p.m.


Sat. May 6,  Polish Home Hall, 5-8p.m.
1714 18th St. ( 18th and Madison, north of Madison).
Sponsored by Fish Brewing Co., Olympia, WA.
Sustainable fishing families will hold a reception featuring their
products following Saturdays program.
Local Oysters, Wild Alaskan Salmon, Dungeness Crab, Spot Prawns,
and Smoked Salmon.
Wild Salmon Pale Ale and Organic Amber Ale will be served.


Deserve a party!

Polish Home Hall,  May 6th, 8-1 p.m. $10, no charge if you attend the

Celebrate the release of Fish Brewing's Detonator Doppelbock series.
Each bottling will feature a
N.W. dam in glorious detonation. The first bottling highlights the
impending explosion of the first
Elwha dam on the Olympic Peninsula. The four Snake river dams will
follow in succession.

All Broadway Performance Hall events will be free. For more information
on additional speakers,
media, and outreach opportunities, please contact the Sustainable
Fisheries Alliance:
206-748-1351.  For updates on the program please go to our website

John Foss
Executive Director
Sustainable Fisheries Alliance
Small Family Fishers Association
2442 NW Market #154
Seattle, Washington, USA 98107
 phone: 206-748-1351
e-mail: sustain at oz_net

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