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NFC: My collecting.

Went out and did some collecting today.

CHecked the minnow trap, adn it was writhing with fish.  Over a hundred
shiners, some beautiful males in breeding conditions with red lines on
them.  Some perch, too.  The change in bait was just what they needed,
used a pizza crust and some freeze dried krill.
Let them all free, though, since my tank here is already crowded with
shiners, perch, and a fat bullhead.  

Went out tothe bog,, and collected some newts.  Now have a total of

And, yes, I went PLANT COLLECTING.  Got some really nice ones, but
couldn't find any of the ones I really wanted to include: anacharis,
valisneria, etc.  I'll have to go check a few other places.  Instead,
got lots of nitellia, coonweed, and a few others.  One big bucket full,
now sitting in my bathtub.  (The bucket, not hte plants. :)

Had fun cleaning it.  ALl the fish got well fed on scuds.  
Unfortunately, didn't have time to do a really good job.  But it'll do.

You all will be glad to know that not only was it FREEEEEEEEEEEZING in
the actual lake, but I got bit by a snake. :p My own fault.... don't
pick them up by the tail. :)

Joshua L. Wiegert
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