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NFC: Field trip/collecting trip

Yesterday I had the opportunity to lead the Vertebrate Zoology class I'm
in on a collecting trip to a local favorite spot of mine.  I was able to
demonstrate various collecting equipment and techniques include seine net,
dip/'kick' netting, umbrella netting, cast netting (but very poorly) and

We set three traps but only collected one Bluegill from them.  They just
weren't in the water long enough to produce I think.  I and several others
kick-netted the riffles and came up with several Orangethroat Darters and
a few Slender Madtoms.  I kept a few darters but released the madtoms.

Then we took two seines and from about 20 yards apart worked towards each
other in the main channel of the stream.  As we met at the half way point,
we pivoted in to the shore and beached the seines.  WHAT A HAUL! We had
two or three new species I'd never even seen here, and I've collected here
a dozen or so times in the last two years!  Here's a list of what we
collected or 'think' we collected.  :)

Shorthead Redhorse  (or possibly Golden Redhorse?)
Largemouth Bass
Bluegill Sunfish
Green Sunfish
Longear Sunfish
Central Stoneroller  (great big fat ones!  largest I've seen)
Orangethroat Darter
Slender Madtom
Redfin Shiner
Red Shiner
Common Shiner (? maybe just a pale Red)
Bullhead Minnow
Bluntnose Minnow

Conspicuously absent were Suckermouth Minnows, Sand Shiner and
Orangespotted Sunfishl...don't know why.

Anyway, for a short, 45 minute expedition it was exciting.