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NFC: Re: FWL: Auction

Sure can. :)

That makes the winning bids:

Wright -- 30$
Dave Hall -- 25$
Gay Hemseth -- 25$

Charles Anderton made last 25$ bid and is therefore eliminated by

Wright Huntley wrote:
> Hi
> Just back from the desert (on the DSAC Spring Work Party). Since I'm getting
> in really late, can I put in a $30 bid on one box?
> Wright
> "Joshua L. Wiegert" wrote:
> >
> > Hey Everyone
> > As many of you know, I'll be leaving Paul Smith's on Sunday, 7 May
> > 2000.  Therefore, next week is my last opportunity to do any collecting
> > in the region, whether thats for plants, fish, or whatever.
> >
> > Therefore, we are auctioning off two lots of _One Day's Collecting of
> > Plants by Yours Truly._
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