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NFC: Fw: AMRIVERS alert: Take Action to Reform the Corps of Engineers!

From: smcdowell at amrivers_org
To: robertrice at juno_com
Date: Mon, 01 May 2000 20:22:09 GMT
Subject: AMRIVERS alert: Take Action to Reform the Corps of Engineers!
Message-ID: <AAA6S537AACHUHDS at mx1_jersey.juno.com>

Dear robert rice: 
You can take action on this alert either by email or preferably on the
web at:

Here's what this alert is about:

Take Action to Reform the Corps of Engineers!

Send a letter to President Clinton and your Member of 
Congress demanding significant reforms of the US Army Corps 
of Engineers. 

Why do we need to Reform the Corps? 

We desperately need legislative and administrative reforms 
of the US Army Corps of Engineers to ensure future Corps 
projects have significant economic benefits and avoid 
unacceptably high environmental costs. Such reforms sould 

*Greater civilian oversight; 
*Modern estimates of project benefits and costs; 
*Independent review of proposed projects; 
*Adequate mitigation for project impacts; and 
*Compelling the Corps to abide by the same environmental 
standards as are imposed on private developers and other 
federal agencies.

For more information on reforming the Corps of Engineers, 
visit http://www.amrivers.org/corpsreform.html


If you have access to a web browser, you can take action on this
alert by going to the following URL:


Just choose the "reply to sender" option on your email program, and edit 
the letter below as you wish.  If your email program does not have 
a "reply to sender" option, you can copy and paste the letter below into 
a new email message and mail it to
alert-response-147997A7008B957212529C39675 at actionnetwork_org.  
You must include the whole letter in your response including "-YOU MAY 
EDIT THE LETTER BELOW-" and "-END OF LETTER-".  Please do not
add your name and address to your letter.  Action Network automatically
does this for you. 

We STRONGLY encourage you to make edits directly to our sample letter 
below, and put the alert talking points into your own words. An 
individualized letter is worth ten computer generated letters. Of 
course, hundreds of unedited letters will still create a large impact, 
so please reply even if you don't have time to personalize the letter.

Your letter will be addressed and sent to:
Senator Bob Graham
Senator Connie Mack
Representative Joe Scarborough
President William Clinton


I urge you to support long-awaited legislative and 
administrative reforms of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, 
including greater civilian oversight, modern estimates of 
project benefits and costs, independent review of proposed 
projects, and adequate mitigation for project impacts. 

Civilian oversight of the military - essential to our 
system of government - ensures that Corps projects serve 
national interests, are economically justified and 
environmentally sound. The absence of civilian oversight 
has permitted some Corps officials - anxious to increase 
agency spending by 50 percent -- to approve projects with 
few benefits and unacceptably high environmental costs. 
Requiring independent review of Corps projects, and 
directing the Corps to revise the Principles and Guidelines 
which govern Corps planning, will ensure that projects meet 
the nation's modern economic and environmental needs. By 
contrast, the absence of meaningful civilian oversight 
threatens scarce federal funding, the environment, and the 
system of government envisioned by the Constitution. 

I also urge you to support reforms that will direct the 
Corps to abide by the same environmental standards as those 
imposed on private developers and other federal agencies. 
Promised mitigation for many existing Corps levees and dams 
has not been completed or has not been successful. Two 
proposed Corps projects would destroy more wetlands than 
are drained by all private interests in a single year, 
undermining the goals of the Clean Water Act Plan and 
encouraging new floodplain development. In the future, the 
Corps should avoid wetland impacts, meet the same 
mitigation requirements imposed on private developers, and 
reject projects with impacts that cannot be successfully or 
cost-effectively mitigated. 

I urge you to support greater civilian oversight, as 
proposed by Army Secretary Louis Caldera, and reforms 
designed to hold the Corps to the same standards as private 

-------END OF LETTER-------------------------

Sincerely yours,

robert rice
2213 prytania circle
prytania circle
navaree, FL 32566

If you would like to be removed from the AMRIVERS list, please
visit http://actionnetwork.org/home.tcl?key=147997A7008B957212529C39675
or else respond to this email with "REMOVE" as the subject line. 

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