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NFC: Josh's Auction

Hey Everyone.
Since there is now a third box in play, I'm going to have to close the
auction earlier to get in another full day's collecting.   I'm going to
back the auction deadline off 12 hours....  Any bids that arrive until
Tues, 11:59:59 PMEST are valid. 

Just as a teaser, here's a partial list of plants I can get.  Any with a
* are one's that I can get readily, most of the time.  For some, it may
still be a bit early, but ... we'll see. :)  

Pickeralweed (Pontederia spp.) *
White Water Lily (Nymphaea) *
Yellow Water Lily (Nupha) *
Water Shield (Brasenia) *
Floating Heart (Nymphoids)
Pipewort (Eriocaulon) *
Bull Rush (scirpus)
Spike Rush (Eleocharis)
Fan Wort (Cabomba)*
Coontail (Ceratophylum)*
Water Weed (Elodea, aka anacharis)*
Milfoils (Myriophyllum)*
BladderWort (Utricularia)*
Arrow Head (Sagittaria)*
Arrow Arum (Peltandra)
Many sp. of potamogeton (Pond Weeds)*
Duckweed (Lemna)*
Pipe Wort (Erocaulon)

To the winners, if there's anything on here you definitely don't want,
let me know (once you've won) and I'll not ship any to you.  If there's
something on here you definitely do want, even if its unstarred, let me
know and I'll go a little out of my way to get it for you.

I'll also be included my Hand Dandy Plant ID Guide Which I Didn't Write
And Stole Fair and Square. :)


Joshua L. Wiegert
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