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Re: NFC: Bubble Belly

      Hello George, I recently had exactly the same senario w/ an adult
Synodontis multipunctatus which was the result of an intestinal
blockage. A laxative was recommended by one of the UniQuaria fish docs.
The treatment consisted of hydrating a few oatmeal flakes, and being
lucky enough to get the Syno to ingest them voluntarily. This treatment
was initially successful in the substantial reduction of the distension
in a short period of time. I however lost the fish to an associated
bacterial infection. My symptoms had gone on for about 3 weeks prior to
treatment. I wish you well, and suggest if you try this, to suppliment
the oatmeal w/ some Tetra Medicated Flake, to hopefully stave off any
such secondary infection associated w/ the bowel obstruction. I fed the
oatmeal twice daily for 3 days in succession. Good Luck George, I hope
this helps.          Joe Eisenhart
Central Pennsylvania