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Re: NFC: Sunfish breeding?

Steve, I'm not overly familiar with breeding that particular sunfish....
However, thats definitely breeding behaviour.  Typical fighting would
involve more lip wrestling and one being chased off.  Further, the fact
that they stay together definitely indicates breeding.  
Look forward to a spawn. :)


"Steven A. Ellis" wrote:
>      Since breeding has been a hot topic on the list recently, maybe
> someone can give me a good answer. I've never kept sunfish until recently.
> Now I have what I believe to be a matched set of redbreast sunfish, but I
> can't tell if they are trying to breed or if theyre fighting. I have them
> in a 20gal with some other fish, but they seldom move away from each other.
> They will face each other for a few seconds, then strike at each others
> mouths. Right after that, they rub their sides together for a few seconds
> before repeating the whole process over again. This usually occurs at or
> near the waters surface. I thought I read somewhere that they breed on the
> gravel. So, what do you think, breeding or fighting? Thanks in advance.
> Steven A. Ellis
> Kennesaw, GA

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