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NFC: Sunfish breeding?

     Since breeding has been a hot topic on the list recently, maybe
someone can give me a good answer. I've never kept sunfish until recently.
Now I have what I believe to be a matched set of redbreast sunfish, but I
can't tell if they are trying to breed or if theyre fighting. I have them
in a 20gal with some other fish, but they seldom move away from each other.
They will face each other for a few seconds, then strike at each others
mouths. Right after that, they rub their sides together for a few seconds
before repeating the whole process over again. This usually occurs at or
near the waters surface. I thought I read somewhere that they breed on the
gravel. So, what do you think, breeding or fighting? Thanks in advance.

Steven A. Ellis
Kennesaw, GA