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NFC: RE: Articles - ?

All items in the articles folder are listed here by file name :


For comparison purposes, all pics in the folder are also included.  Some
pics are pulled from the gallery, but others, as you will see are in the
article folder.

As I said over the phone, I can say what is there, but not what is NOT there

Also, I'll do the same thing for the tmp file which holds tmps of all the
articles when I get a chance.  I have not determined if there's a
discrepancy.  For Robert and Konrad (and any other authorized persons) you
can get WS_FTP to take a look at them in FTP format - download the program


You will need to have a zip extractor program like WinZip to open it.

I find this program to be a bit more straight forward than most "Mickey
soft" or proprietary FTP programs....


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