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NFC: Ohio Collecting Planned for May 6th

To those interested in an Ohio NANFA meeting -

The May 6th event will be a collecting outing in the area of Warren Ohio
(NE Ohio).  There will be a program by the Mahoning Parks district on
Sunday May 7th as well.  Anyone interested in staying for that event can
obtain affordable lodging in the area.  See Rob Carillio for suggestions.

The plan for Saturday May 6th is to meet at Rob's business front in Warren
between 9am and 11am.  From there we can visit several area streams and
have a later dinner.  Please contact Rob for directions and details on
where we will collect and what we might find.  You will need an Ohio
Fishing license.  These can be purchased for $15 (This will buy a year for
Ohioans, three days for out-of-staters) at various businesses such as bait
stores, tackle stores, Kmart, Meijer and Walmart.  Water will likely be
cold, so bring waders if you have them.  Come prepared to have FUN!

For more information, contact -

Rob Carillio
877-236-2033 toll free
darterman at hotmail_com

Those of you on the NANFA email list may get two copies of this notice.