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>         I am not from Houston so I can't give you directions. However,
> here are some suggestions:
> o Mollies are brackish water fish that thrive in swampy areas. Well, you
> need to find a swamp near the sea.
> o They have certain habitat that they like to hang out. For mollies, these
> would be mangrove roots. (Thanks to Discovery channel program on Florida
> gators)
> o Get out a Delorme Gazzetter and find brackish swamps (possibly with
> mangroves).
> o Drive there and go nuts with a dip net and seine (make sure you read
> your state's regulations and have a valid fishing license).
> o If you find some sailfin mollies (greenish, wildtype), then note the
> location and let us know :)
> Sajjad
> On Wed, 26 Apr 2000, Matthew Fisher wrote:
> > I was wondering, if anyone could tell me where in the Houston area,
> > that I might go to collect mollies? I know that there are some places
> > in the area, because I have heard of them, though it's been a long
> > time ago. Any help would be appreciated, and maybe on some other
> > non-natives I might be able to collect in the Houstonish area? (I'd
> > appreciate any info on places/fish in up to 100-150 mile radius, any
> > direction..
> >
> >
> > Thanks again,
> >
> > Matt
> >

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