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NFC: Articles - ?

beats me.. have you checked the ftp?

I don't have a back up of them... so, I'll go look and get em :)

I'm downloading what's on the site now.  There is a number of them, but I'll
check to see which one's are listed presently on the site when I get a
chance, or I'll dump a listing of them and someone else can look em over ?
But , what I upload will be a page listing of present articles by their file

I do remember the problems before of uploading them and the 'auto' listing
of them, but I've not checked to see it work since Konrad's trouble...

Articles present are located in the articles directory at NFC


temp articles from uploading are available in directory (see with ftp):


I need a comparison to see which ones are missing cause I don't know what's
suppose to be there.

Is this what you're referring to?

Paul :)

RR said:


where did all our articles go >? we are missing lots of them ?

Robert Rice
Save those Fishes
Join the Native Fish Conservancy

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