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I have 2 tadpole madtoms in seperate tanks that I never make an 
effort to feed yet they have gone from about 1/2" to over an 1" in 6 
months.  They are finding food somewhere.

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> >I have recently moved to arkasas where I have collected 6 SENDER MADTOMS
> Where did you collect?
> >1..Does anyone know their prefered wild diet ?
> Anything (preferably of animal origin) that will fit in their mouth. 
> Their wild diet doesn't matter because they'll eat (and thrive on)
> whatever fish food you use.
> >>
> 2..Does someone have experience with captive feeding and maintainance ? >>
> Cool fish.  They like to hide during the day so give them places where
> they can do so.  But they like to eat much more than they like to hide so
> they are easy to coax out!

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