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Re: NFC: Breeders program needs some help

Hello all,

There are a lot of fishes in the hobby that have never been spawned.  I
imagine that is going to prove true of natives as well.  However,
participants still could shed light on behaviors and maintenance routines
that seemed to engender health in the animals.  Spawning accounts (or
failure accountings) should be required to include water parameters such as
temperature, pH, etc., and such things as filtration used, water change
schedule, plants and substrate in the aquaria, food (for adults and fry), an
estimate of egg size, time elapsed until hatching, fry size and growth rate,
age of adults when spawning occurred, light cycle employed, medications and
chemicals employed, and any triggering mechanisms used, i.e. variation in
lighting, simulated rainfall, drop or rise in pH or temperature.  This items
make a breeding report valuable, whereas, reports that simply say that "the
fishes spawned, the babies grew" are useless.


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Perhaps it would help to make it clear that immediate success is not
expected, and that even lack of success should be reported. If a BP member's
fishes die or refuse to spawn, the information concerning how the fish were
or are being kept could still be very important. At the least it will show
others what has been tried already and allow the BP to move another step
closer to success. Making this clear might serve to lighten the stigma of
what some consider failure and result in a little more constructive

Tony Gustafson
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