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Re: NFC: Breeders program needs some help

I had this all typed out, and ... WHAM computer reboots. :p

I agree with you, Robert, that the program has some flaws and needs to
be worked out.
I, for instance, received shipments of Breeders Fish from both you and
Klaus.  You had sent me a bunch of flagfins, and later, Klaus sent me a
great bunch of darters. 
I was supposed to breed them, however: I failed. 
The flagfins, unfortunately, all died.  The darters, due to issues with
tank space and such, as well as certain things getting in the way of
finishing my darter tank (<cough> Fiancee <cough>) were left at home,
while I'm here at school.  They'll be coming with me to Maryland,
though. :)

Its hard to come right out and admit "I failed."  THis is especially
true for those of us grouped in the "supposidly reputable folks"
category.  However, my guess is there are a lot of other people out
there who failed.  We're working with living fish.  Sometimes, they
don't cooperate and, worse yet, sometimes they die.  Its unavoidable,
and there's absolutely nothing wrong with saying, "I failed."  

However, I do have a suggestion on the program.  If we allow it to go as
it goes now, it'll become a stress and strain on the people who are
volunteering for it.  That means that we'll lose these people, and
eventually the program.

1:  The receiver pays all shipping costs.  Period.  This includes costs
of boxes, bags, etc.
2:  When someone first receives fish, a "deposit" is required.  This
deposit is taken and invested in the NFC.  Some of it can go to the
collector or shipper as compensation.  When/if the fish are bred and
histories given, then the receiver can get up to 50% of the deposit back
and/or other fish.  
3:  Limit the fish available to first timers.  These can be fish that we
know a little about, are easy to collect, and so forth, such as the
flagfins.  When they show -- outright show -- that they can breed these,
they can move on and get the more interesting stuff.  Obviously, having
even first timers work on redundant species is not overly desirable, so
the list would have to be ever expanding. 

These are just some thoughts I had on it. 
Joshua L. Wiegert
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robert a rice wrote:
> Hello all,
> Im a bit frustrated with the breeders program . Its two goals one being
> financially self supporting  and two to produce life histories are not
> occurring. Its not the problem of the Bill Duzen and Charles Anderton
> administrative team. The problem lies in our passing out of fishes . We
> have passed out boxes and boxes of fishes to suppossedly highley
> reputable folks like school teachers, youth leaders etc and we get
> nothing . Many of them wont even answer emails back. Somehow the breeders
> program has failed to attract people who are serious about breeding fish.
> instead we are attracting people serious about getting free fish mainly
> from me luke and Bill . i frankly am tired of it. See without breeders
> reports and accoutability whats the point ? ANyhow if any list members
> have some input on rules changes that have worked with the AKA or local
> aquarium society to stop the free loading and start the breeding let us
> know.
> PS. In case you think we just havent been passing out fish long enough
> speaking for myself Ive sent out 50 plus boxes of fish in the last 18
> months.Most of them at my expense. You figure out what the postage on 50
> plus boxes is. To get 3-4 life histories is rather frustrating. I know
> the others  feel the same way.
> Enough listening to me complain now get back to fishing :)
> Robert Rice
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