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Re: NFC: AAT attempt

In a message dated 4/26/00 12:17:28 PM US Central Standard Time, 
sajjad at acm_org writes:

<< I called up the director of the Palatine Public Library and offered to 
 a tank for them.  I offered to take care of it for the first three months
 and teach a staff member. Then monthly checks after that. Unfortunately,
 the director was not too keen on having his staff learn to take care of
 live creatures. The only acceptable thing for them would have been a
 contractor come out and take care of the tank maintainence. Then there
 would have been additional costs for the maintainence contract.  >>

Good try Sajjad.  The library branch where I have one set up at is doing very 
well and is popular with both the staff and the patrons.  I also set up a ten 
gallon crayfish tank with one large crayfish that is very popular.  

They might change their mind later if the staff gets to know you and you can 
identify a full time staff member that is willing to take on some duties.  I 
was lucky to find a staff member that already had aquariums at home and is 
very interested in the branch's aquariums.  I still check on the tanks a few 
times a week and do water changes and other maintenance every other Saturday. 
 Even with my efforts, I think having Carol there taking serious concern and 
feeding is a key to the success.  I've also noticed a couple other staff 
members who initially indicated no interest in touching frozen blood worms or 
doing certain other things now willingly help out when Carol is not there.  

If you eventually get some more interest, perhaps I can put them in touch 
with the branch manager here who can tell them of her experiences with the 

Another idea is that the original tank was donated by a local pet store.  
Perhaps there is one in that area that also does tank maintenance that would 
also be willing to donate those services.   

On April 17, the library Board of Directors had a meeting at the branch where 
the AAT is set up at.  NFC member Bill Flowers and I were presented with 
certificates of appreciation from the library for our efforts on the tanks.  
The pet shop owner who donated the set up was unable to attend and was mailed 
the same.  They also have installed a nice wooden plaque above the aquarium 
recognizing Uncle Bill's Pet Shop and NFC for the aquarium.   

(The presentation was on the public access, local government TV channel and 
shown later.)

Chuck Church
Indianapolis, Indiana USA