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Re: NFC: Collection Deaths


     Instead of putting the jar in the tank, gradually add water to the jar
from the destination tank (a few cups at a time) until the temperature is
approximately the same. Works for me.

Steven A. Ellis
Kennesaw, GA

At 06:22 PM 4/16/00 -0400, you wrote:
>Hey Everyone.
>This has happened to me a few times before:
>I empty out the minnow trap, put the fish in the jar, and bring them
>back.  I set the jar in the tank, top above the water line, and the fish
>I have two theories on this:  
>ONe is that the DO2 in the water plummets and that kills everything. 
>The streams relatively turbid, and I typically take the water from the
>very edge.... 
>Two is that the temperature change is just too quick and too broad a
>range, even though the change by heat moving from outside teh jar to
>inside it is pretty slow. 
>The last collection to survive complete was a jar set on the desk for a
>bit too long, by accident.  This supports the temperature thing, BUT the
>water was taken from farther out.  I was on another log and could dip
>from deeper water where there was more velocity and higher flow, i.e.,
>more DO and less junk in the water.  
>Any opinions on this?  
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