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Re: NFC: Collection Deaths

"Joshua L. Wiegert" wrote:
> Hey Everyone.
> This has happened to me a few times before:
> I empty out the minnow trap, put the fish in the jar, and bring them
> back.  I set the jar in the tank, top above the water line, and the fish
> die.
> I have two theories on this:
> ONe is that the DO2 in the water plummets and that kills everything.
> The streams relatively turbid, and I typically take the water from the
> very edge....
> Two is that the temperature change is just too quick and too broad a
> range, even though the change by heat moving from outside teh jar to
> inside it is pretty slow.
> The last collection to survive complete was a jar set on the desk for a
> bit too long, by accident.  This supports the temperature thing, BUT the
> water was taken from farther out.  I was on another log and could dip
> from deeper water where there was more velocity and higher flow, i.e.,
> more DO and less junk in the water.
> Any opinions on this?


Unless they are from heavily-flowing spring water, I hate to transport
new-caught fish in their regular water. It may be loaded with organics and
marginally already high in ammonia.

Ammonia inhibits their O2 uptake by damaging gills, so a triple dose of
Amquel in the new water is essential for survival. If they have eaten in
recent hours, they will be releasing lots of ammonia. The problem is gill
damage, and not just O2 content. Raising temp., of course, makes things even

If I have a chance, I also do at least one 100% water change before
transporting them any distance, again to lower the ammonia content so Amquel
o/e can take care of the rest.

Match tds carefully, but temp. differences of 5 degrees F or less are
usually well tolerated. You can easily feel that with a finger.


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