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RE: NFC: Its contagious

On Sun, 9 Apr 2000, D. Martin Moore wrote:
> Quoth Chris Hedemark regarding RE: NFC: Its contagious:
> > And when they are used, you get to use ALL the buttons.
> > Speaking of UNIX... and to get back on topic... anyone know of any
> > aquarium management proggy's for Linux?  Just something to keep
> > records in mostly.
> I bet Sajjad could whip one up for you!  What about Star Office - 

Strange you said that ... Ever since ChrisH mentioned that, I have been
thinking of a web-based aquarium logbook. Nothing fancy. A person enters
their name/password and get a spreadsheet like interface. They select from
various drop down lists or type in their information and hit submit. It
gets recorded to a log. The person can display the entire log for printing
and there is a possibility of various reports. All records to be kept
private, of course.

Jay DeLong: Does nanfa.org allow cgi scripts? If NANFA can afford the disk
space, I may be able to put something together. 

For those of you who maintain a logbook, would you please send me (via
direct email) the format you use?  Thanks!


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