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RE: NFC: Its contagious

Quoth Chris Hedemark regarding RE: NFC: Its contagious:

> And when they are used, you get to use ALL the buttons.
> Speaking of UNIX... and to get back on topic... anyone know of any
> aquarium management proggy's for Linux?  Just something to keep
> records in mostly.

I bet Sajjad could whip one up for you!  What about Star Office - 
you could use the spreadsheet contained therein.  Corel ports their 
spreadsheet to Linux as well, I think.


"Cry to it, nuncle. as the cockney did to the eels when she put 
'em i' the paste alive; she knapped 'em o' the coxcombs with a
stick, and cried 'Down wantons, down!'"

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