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RE: NFC: Its contagious

I fail to see why mice always get picked on... they break, go on the fritz
when coffee is spilled on em, get dirty, and generally cause a habitual
point and click syndrome :)

But I do love the use of it, and I get generally get frustrated when I'm in
a win environment and don't have a win keyboard :) running just keyboard

btw, I've raised 14 Fresh Water Grass Shrimp = Palaemonetes vulgaris (sp?)

kewl little buggers..


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	Real men don't need mice to use real computers. :)

On Sat, 8 Apr 2000, Joshua L. Wiegert wrote:

> I'm having some computer problems too
> However, I should have mine fixed in the next two days. . .
> My mouse is malfunctioning on me, greatly limiting my ability to use the
> computer (especially under a GUI. :P)
> Josh.
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