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owner-nfc at actwin_com wrote:
> From: DMoody3042 at aol_com
> Date: Fri, 7 Apr 2000 23:30:16 EDT
> Subject: Re: North Eastern most Darter

> I would strongly suggest calling up the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries
> folks and filing a report with them.  It would be even better if you could
> get one of their fisheries or nongame zoologists up to your location to
> verify your find.  Better still would be getting either an Aquarium Fish
> Collection Permit (available free to members of the Maine Aquarium Society)
> or a Scientific Collection Permit to capture and study these fish and perhaps
> share some fish with members of the Breeder's Program for life history
> studies.  It would also be a good idea if you were willing to write an
> article which could be posted on the NFC website for all of us to read.
> I also have been finding darters here in Vermont that aren't supposed to be
> here, namely Johnny Darters and Iowa Darters.  Our fisheries folks thought
> that reports of Johnny Darters were just misidentified Tesselated Darters.
> There was previously only a single report of an Iowa Darter, which was
> thought to be a bait bucket introduction.  Seems like you just have to be
> observant and have the right collection equipment in the right place at the
> right time, along with an open mind.  Will post the article I am working on
> the NFC website after I submit it to the Vermont Department of Fish and
> Wildlife.

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