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NFC: North Eastern most Darter

Hey all
   Haven't been on much lately. Time has been tight but I have missed reading
this list.
   Sharon and I went out today on the little brook that runs near my home and
found two darters where none are supposed to exist. The furthest into Maine
that Darters are found according to all accounts I have seen is the Ogunquit
river. That would be the E. fusiforme. This darter is tiny, barely 3/4 of an
inch, but appears to be fusiforme. We are about 45 miles north of their known
   I lost one specimen while doing a water change before leaving the brook, I
was a little cavalier about the change because at the time I didn't know what
I had in the dusky water. I thought it was a small BND.
   Now what do I do with this info?

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