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Re: NFC: It snowed.....

CEFCHURCH at aol_com wrote:
> I'm still of the opinion that the Frabil (spelling?) minnow traps you find at
> Walmart (fishing department) are the best available and cheaper (~$10) than
> what you can purchase them mail order.  Seems like Memphis Net and Twine
> sells them too.  Sorry, I don't have their web address.  They have a toll
> free number and will send you a catalog.
> But I am very interested in a better design if anyone finds one.

For catching the (often more desirable) tiny fish that adapt easier to the
tank, I have one trap like that that some patient soul lined with plastic
window screen. It was hot glued in around all seams, to cover the entire
inside of both halves. Neat, if you want live, easily shippable babies.


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