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NFC: RE: It snowed.....

Ha ha Josh, I've done that too.  Thanks for bringing up those memories..

What are you using for bait?  And, are these Gee Whiz traps you're using
(standard minnow trap)?

And, I know you've told me, but where are you?

(we are having a cold snap too, but it's 42 at night, and it got to the low
70's this afternoon.)

Paul ;)

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It snowed again today.
Which, naturally, means that the shallows of the lake, where my trap
was, did indeed freeze over.  So, again, I hammered it out.....  Got a
dragonfly nymph, couple of Yeller Perch, some Chubs, and a really
beautiful common shiner... Wish the common shinners would live up to
their names and be a bit more common!

Joshua L. Wiegert
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